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Selasa, 01 Oktober 2013

Lirik Lagu Souljah Loving Hand

Never been so sure, babe. you're the love of my life
(Lofe of my life ooh la la)
So smooth and tender, babe. your love is last forever
(Last forever ooh la la)

From this madness i come
You're the one who makes me calm
When you're reaching my arms
And all i can feel is warm.
There's no need to worry
Just need a lil bit hurry
No love come this easy
You come and set me free......

Reff :
Come on and take me baby in your loving hand,
I wanna be just with you up till the end 2x

Slow repp :
You seem to be the aha girl for me to spending my time with
I have good feeling for you that u really meant to be mine
You're really understanding girl,
My baby gonna rock my world,
True love never meant forever
But with u is baby more than ever.

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Slow repp :
I'm the men who carry your heart and guard it with my life,
You can trust me for all the problem, i'm always here babe at your side
My baby you're so beautiful,
So nice and very helpful
True love never meant forever
But with u is baby more than ever

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